Working with a certification body requires a three-year commitment. However, you may find that the certification body you chose does not meet your expectations. As a result, you may consider transferring your certification(s) to our organization.

Transferring your certification is not an onerous task. However, there are some constraints that may prevent transfer (e.g., open Major Nonconformities, overdue audits, etc.).

Engaging in dialogue with our company will ensure that you receive the best guidance to support you through the transfer process (or to provide you with the information you need to comply with the transfer requirements set out in IAF MD2).

Transferring to SOCOTEC Certification Thailand Co., Ltd has many advantages. We offer meticulous attention to detail, highly qualified auditors, a dedicated back office support team and proven value for money.

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In addition, you may also benefit from:

Improving your certification(s) in terms of adaptation to your needs

An integrated management system that includes all your business activities

Competitive prices

Why would I transfer to SOCOTEC Certification Thailand Co., Ltd?

  • our benefits socotec

    Our benefits:

    Transferring your certification to SOCOTEC Certification Thailand Co., Ltd allows you to take advantage of our team's experience and professionalism.

    This in turn extends the range of options and brings new opportunities.

    You can better predict your future organization if you have strong communication and extensive dialogue. You will build trust in your business area and in our certification provision.

  • our experience socotec

    Our experience:

    Because of our global presence we've been able to put appropriate systems in place and have sound knowledge of the various challenges that may arise in different cultures.

    SOCOTEC Certification Thailand Co., Ltd collaborates with a wide range of companies in a variety of industries. Alongside this, we can deliver a service specifically customized to your requirements.