ISO 28000:2022 Security and resilience

Mon 19/12/2022 - 10:29

ISO 28000:2022 Security and resilience — (Security management systems)

This standard focuses on ensuring the security of the supply chain according to obligations to customers and statutory regulations by assessing the environment as well as considering the availability of adequate measures to manage the security risks of the supply chain and reduce the risk issue due to the organization being unable to produce and deliver products to customers at the correct quantity, location and time.

The standard announced on March 15, 2022 and has a transition period of 3 years, ending the transition on March 14, 2025.

The structure of the standard specification is the same as for other management system standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 so that organizations can integrate systems together. Some requirements have been adjusted to align with the Risk Management (ISO 31000) and Business Continuity Management (ISO 22301) standards.

What are we doing ISO 28000 for ?


And how is it useful?

  • To make the operation of the organization more efficient and better results and reduce the cost of the organization in management,
  • To promote the good image of the organization as well as increase the competitive advantage,
  • To increase customer confidence and create maximum customer satisfaction with reasonable cost.

What type of business is ISO 28000 for?


Is it for public or private companies?

Industrial plants, companies and organizations that provide services and are involved in the security of the supply chain. both public and private from upstream to downstream, starting from raw material producers, Manufacturers, Storage & Warehouses, Shippers, Distributors, Whole-seller, etc.

Article by: Mr. Anawat Prawarnpit (Lead Auditor).

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